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Reset Password Pro Review: How Easily Can You Reset Your Passwords?

Reset Password Pro for Windows Review

We only happen to wish that we knew more about our computers and the relevant software when we are faced with a black unresponsive screen (or worse wisps of smoke emanating from the CPU!). Okay, let us not get overly dramatic. Let us just say by merely forgetting your password you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle

However, Reset Password Pro for Windows promises to help you easily recover it in no time at all. The promise comprises of a 1-2-3 fail-safe method that works on any Windows version. From Windows XP, Windows 7 to Vista and Windows 8, no windows OS is safe from the sweeping power of restoration of the reset password pro.

This gives those of us who are not very computer savvy cause for celebration. But perhaps we should define what the reset password pro is for better clarity for.

What is it?

It is a software application that helps you to reset any user password or Windows administrator should you be locked out of your system because you forgot your password. It is considered to be an expertly developed, quality application that is par none in the art of resetting windows versions. It is so effective it only needs a maximum of 2 minutes to works its magic.

What makes it special?

It is fast, easy to use and affordable. If you are anything like the 1.5% – 8.2 % percentile of people who are addicted to their computers, then owning a copy of reset password pro is like owning a cutting knife.

Lady with a knife

You just can’t function without it.

In this day and age of passwords for everything the possibility of forgetting your password is not anything new. However, before the advent of the reset password pro, losing it was tantamount to losing your life’s work. It meant you couldn’t access your docs, archives, photos and everything else you had stored on the computer. Basically, you were paralyzed.

The reset password Pro gives you back your computer with all the data intact.

The resetting procedure

Let us breakdown what you can expect when you decide on the reset Password Pro

  • Purchase

First and foremost, you must buy the software from the website, Once payment has been received you will be provided with a username and password.

  • Downloading and installation

Upon logging in you can download the tool and then install it. The installation process is simple and fast with both image and video tutorials to help you along the process.

  • Booting

At this point, you need to be prepared with a boot disk. This could be a flash drive, a CD or a DVD. This process of booting is the same as burning information onto a disk. The tool will do it all for you in just a few seconds.

  • Resetting

This is the final step. Turn on your computer and insert the booted disk into its drive. The screen will immediately show the list of users and administrators registered on your computer. Choose the account you forgot the password for and press the reset button.

The reset removes your pre-existing password leaving your computer without a password and allowing you free reign and a sigh of relief.

Reset Password Pro versus other password resetting products


You are assured of 100% recovery rate

It is easy to use and comes with screen shot to even simplify the process further

You can use it with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems

It is compatible with all windows versions


  • XP, XP+SP2, XP+SP3
  • Window 2003
  • Windows 2000
  • NT Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (64bit)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (64 bit ) operating system
  • Windows Vista (64 bit)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008

It will support SATA/RAID/IDE/SAS and SCSI drives as well as available service packs

It will reset all administrator and user passwords

Using a bootable CD/DVD, it can reset all the passwords

It can also use a bootable USB flash drive to reset the passwords

Wooden flash drive


When you open the page you will notice that there is no help manual. Although the software is simple enough and has screenshots, a newcomer to the world of computer software may need a help manual in case they get stuck.

The Perks

Grandmother and kid using a laptop

60-day money back guarantee: Software are finicky things. One consumer may register the utmost satisfaction while another may find several difficulties using it. This knowledge is what prompted the reset password pro to install a full refund if you are unhappy with the product within 60 days after purchase.

No hidden charges: This is a monster that lurks behind most products. The charges can be in the form of monthly payments or installation fees that were not earlier disclosed to the consumer. With the reset password pro, only $37.95 will be debited from your card with no other charges cropping up.

Regular updates: Your payment allows you to receive updates from the company as well as debugging programs. The company takes its product seriously and wants to ensure it works at optimum while creating customer satisfaction

Kids using laptop at the farm

Now that you know the product let us review its performance in 5 key areas

A)     Effectiveness

Based on consumer experiences the reset password pro appears to deliver on its promise to recover your password 100%. It is fast, only taking 2 minutes to remove your old password and allow you access into your computer again.

B)     Ease of use

The process is very easy. Once you buy the software you are immediately enabled to download and install, burn the tool onto the boot disk and reset the password. It is geared towards use by everyone.

C)     Safety

Seeing as safety and security are huge concerns when it comes to computers, personal and official, installing new software into your computer is quite a risk. However, consumers have registered their satisfaction with none complaining of a compromised computer. A search on the internet turned up no security threats when using the reset password pro and files are intact after the reset.

Locked gadget

D)    Reliability

The reset password pro lives up to its promise of unlocking your system and resetting your password. Its ability to deliver on this expectation within a very short span of time has made it a favorite among consumers. To back it claim to reliability, you get a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the performance of the software.

E)     Pricing

If you have the tendency to forget your passwords then this software is invaluable. For just a little under $40 you are able to regain access to your computer in a situation that would otherwise have been a crisis for you. Imagine losing all important your data and what that would translate to vis-à-vis spending a few dollars and being assured of a password reset in case your memory fails you.

Things to note about the reset password pro

  • The software works only for window OS computers. If you are using any other OS like Mac, then this tool will not work on your computer.
  • The reset password pro is distinct from other password resetting software because it takes a far shorter time to work its process. From installation to resetting, each process is only a matter of minutes as opposed to the hours of downloading taken by other brands.
  • It comes with both video and written instructions to help you maneuver.

Why invest in the reset password pro software

As technology evolves and grows so does the menacing facet to it. People now have more knowledge of hacking and illegally accessing private data than they did 10 years ago. This is the reason why every conceivable OS and website has a requirement for a password: Safeguarding.

The promptings on these sites encourage you to create a password that is simple yet complicated. Simple enough for you to remember but complicated enough that it can’t be figured out by a marauding hacker.

While it is easy to reset passwords on the internet because the site will send you a reset to your email, forgetting your computer password is a different ball game. That’s where the reset password pro comes in.

With the reset password pro software, you are guaranteed access back into your computer. But what you will love the most about it is for a one time payment, you have acquired a tool that will last your for the rest of your lifetime. It actually pays for itself over and over again considering the binds it gets you out of.

The affiliate program

Ok. So you are not scatter brained like I am and can remember all your password from the first computer you ever owned. How about earning some money?  Perhaps you can only relate to the monetary capability of the reset password pro. Well, you are not alone.

The reset password pro affiliate program has a proven track record of converting better than any of the other password reset products on the market. You can earn up to 90% in commissions per sale with the eligibility of bonus commissions when you make correct sales.

To be part of the program you require

  • A Clickbank affiliate account (which is free)
  • A Clickbank link
  • Direct links

This program is the highest earning password resetting affiliate program on the market.


I am yet to come across anyone who hasn’t forgotten their password and been in an uproar about it. I know there are some lucky few who have never experienced what I am talking about. However, for my kindred spirit with whom the loss of a password resonates deeply, I think we can finally have a good night rest without starting every 10 minutes and trying to remember our passwords lest we are never allowed into our computers again.

The reset password pro has given a lot of business owners and individuals alike peace of mind. It is comforting to know that losing your password is not the end of the world. You can be up and running again in no time just by pressing a reset button.


There is a configuration process which can sound and appear daunting but is made easy by the simple parameters that are put in place. In addition, there is an online video tutorial on the software’s official website.

After long hours of downloading and installation, followed by encryptions and programming jargon from other password reset programs, I must say it is refreshing to work with such a simple, speedy and to the point option.

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Reset Password Pro Review: How Easily Can You Reset Your Passwords?
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  1. Elizabeth G

    Game changer and life saver. After being asked to include alphanumeric figure, caps, a sacrificial lamb and the blood of a virgin I can never remember my passwords. Then after a couple of tries I’m locked out. Resetting is worse than setting it in the first place. Who comes up with this nonsense. So happy for this program you have no idea.

  2. I’m on too many platforms but i worry that if my one account is hacked they’ll know all my passwords so I have different passwords which I always forget.

  3. And that ladies and gentlemen answer the usual problem that I encounter, I guess most of us right now is having problems about a thing or two on computers this is the worst. Now I am just relived that I am now informed to a solution that I can count on whenever I forget that tricky password.

  4. I am such a clutz when it comes to passwords. I am so grateful and relieved that people write such amazing articles for us, that often forget our passwords. One of the best things on the interent on how to reset your passwords.

  5. Richard Winter

    Every site and app these days requires a password. I know I have a good memory but no one has that good a memory. It is inevitable to forget some of my passwords especially for sites I rarely visit again. Reset Password Pro is a life saver, no doubt about that.

  6. Randall Martin

    It is embarassing to admit how many times I had this program help me. Don’t think that anything is going to change.

  7. Josephine Davis

    This is most certainly the best product I’ve come across so far. Even after changing my password to the best I could, I didn’t feel safe about my WordPress account. I have a lot of cash coming in from it every week and it’s like my livelihood. After using this, I certainly have the most complicated and best password ever. Thank you.

  8. Charles M. Brownlee

    Reset password pro is my best system. You will not need any experts if you are going to use this system. Many people have used the guide and you can be sure it is the best. Before i knew about it, it was recommend to me by my friend who had used it for a long time. Very affordable.

  9. There is surely nothing disturbing like forgetting your password. This is where you know very well that you cannot access some services or your own data.This program really works well. It is the best. I used it to reset password for my laptop and it was effective. I liked it since it is easy to use and you do not have to worry about any effects.

  10. Elizabeth Sawyer

    Reset Password Pro is a software program which can be installed in your computer where you can save your various passwords without any security risks. The software is simple to install and operate so that you never forget your confidential passwords ever again.

  11. Reset password Pro is a software developed to ensure that people like you do not suffer whenever they forget their precious passwords.
    Almost everyone has ever forgotten their passwords at one point in life leaving them with no option at all.
    Reset password Pro is a software developed to help people who forget their passwords on their laptops.
    It helps reset any user password or windows administrator if one cannot access the system because of forgetting your very personal passwords.
    It is an expertly developed quality software application that was developed to help you recover your forgotten passwords in a few minutes provided you follow the instructions step by step.

  12. Emil Teitelbaum

    Reset password Pro is a software developed to help people who forget their passwords on their laptops.
    It helps reset any user password or windows administrator if one cannot access the system because of forgetting your very personal passwords.
    It is an expertly developed quality software application that was developed to help you recover your forgotten passwords in a few minutes provided you follow the instructions step by step.

  13. This new and innovative software promises to help you to reset your password by following 3 very simple steps. It can be used for Windows 8 or Windows 7 users, but also by Windows XP Pro.

  14. Almost everyone has ever forgotten their passwords at one point in life leaving them with no option at all. It helps reset any user password or windows administrator if one cannot access the system because of forgetting your very personal passwords.

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