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Reservation Master Review: How Can It Help Your Hotel Chain Operate?

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Hi. I was inspired to write this review about the Reservation Master because it has brought so much good to our small business, and I’d like to share with everyone.

As a major in tourism, I had the opportunity to learn about globalizers and book managing software like Opera, or Sabre, or cheaper software that only focused on bookings.

The problem with Opera and Sabre is that they are EXTREMELY expensive, and we were not making that much money, and we only had 1 place at the time to aim for something like this.

The other software was very good but to do only one or two things. Also, the user interfaces were not so easy to handle and, one of the main things that worried us the most was:

How easy are we going to be able to train our employees?

So, one fellow competitor was using the Reservation Master and his employees were fast on doing everything, and they seemed very comfortable. That motivated me to learn more about it.

How I made the decision?

Happy Woman

First, I read some reviews like you, and it seemed people were anywhere from OK to extremely happy.

I got into the website and started reading. I was extremely happy to learn about the extra functions like exporting the data or the HTML page it automatically generates, but the outstanding function was the visual layout of occupancy, I just love it.

Anyway, going back to the pre-purchase. I was finding out about the functions, like the idea, and then I went to see the price, though it was reasonable, but when I saw they had a trial period, it all clicked.

I downloaded the Reservation Master, registered, and started using it with the help of our morning receptionist.

The guy liked it, we loved it, we did everything, but due to some financial circumstances, we couldn’t buy immediately.

We contacted the Reservation Master staff about our information, get this:

Everything was backed up and could be freely downloaded to be imported to other software.

Things got sorted out and immediately bought the Reservation Master.

The software, the staff, and the system were extremely user-friendly, so we went for it.

Working with the Reservation Master

So, right after we made the decision to buy the software, we received a download link and a PDF manual on how to use it.

Installing was quite easy, the program guides you through the whole process and you just have to say yes or no.

After that, our receptionist and I went through the manual. It was so easy to understand, I was able to create a training sessions for everyone who helped out in reception and bookings.

Because it was so easy to follow and understand, everyone was on board and they were able to do the common tasks very easily.

The interface is friendlier than other software that you’ve seen, but the words and the steps are similar, so it was very easy for everyone to adapt.

Once the basics settled

After all of us were familiar with the software, the time came to try the other features. First, we went with its inventory function.

We have a small souvenir and snack shop in the lobby, so we incorporated these admins tasks.

The interface was very clean, easy to use and understand, all the options and combinations you might think about are there, easy to reach, so then, again, you don’t invest much time training people.

Our clerk and I were very comfortable with incorporating this new tool. Especially me because I didn’t have to pay for different software or an extra license, everything was there.

And, I didn’t have to worry about our people in the store messing up with the front office functions because we can block access to certain parts of the software without any conflict.

  • Create a new username
  • Assign a password
  • Assign permissions
  • You are ready

As easy as that. So, that each part of our team didn’t risk messing up with information of another area of the BnB.

Plan ahead

Man looking at the sky

As a small business, when we shared our information with our travel agent partners, we couldn’t grant access to our date from our software.

So we had to export, and email.

Now, with the HTML web site, it is very easy to share the information with the interested parties, and it takes no time to create and update since everything is done automatically.

Then, it was very easy for our partners to be on the lookout for their dates and reservations to be made, and for us to give them a better service.

This has improved our communication and level of satisfaction.

And, another cool feature is that, when you upload your floor plans to the system, you can have a view of it and its occupation.

This proved great when we had our last renovation when we had to close complete areas of the BnB and share with our partners.


I know that, for the most part, exporting data from a bookings software may not be as impressive. The difference is in the order of the data, and how it is presented.

So, when we had our monthly meeting with our investors, and the time came to export the data an analyze it. We had a good surprise.

Everything, I mean everything, was exported in different categories, in a simple to read manner, in different sections according to their function. So, it was extremely easy to read and analyze.

Because of this, we were also able to connect dots that we were not able to see before, and it was possible to create better charts that were useful for projections and analyzing the behavior of our business. It was a swift process.

Invest time wisely

Fast moving Time

As I mentioned before in this review, one thing that concerned me the most was training my team. It was not only reception, but also our people in the shop, and our sales team.


I tend to think that stuff that offers too much are either extremely complicated or a scam. But I wanted to find a solution and incorporated everything, this is why I went with the Reservation Master.

One friend of mine mentioned that the name of the software was sort of simple, and descriptive. I have to say, she was right. The software is simple to use and the manual is quite descriptive, easy to follow.

Training others

Of everyone in the team, I am the one with the best IT skills. Now, I am not a programmer, but I can handle a computer and not get lost.

So, I got to the task of training everyone, and it was much easier for them to understand than I expected. Especially for my husband.

God bless him, he put the place together and, whenever we are in trouble, he comes and fixes it. But when it comes to technology, the man is completely in the dark.

He had had quite the struggle with the last software we used. Being proud as he is, he didn’t give up, but boy, he had very unpleasant moments.

Now, to be fair, it was his first time dealing with booking software. Of course, after his experience with one of them, it was easier for him to adjust to a new one. But this small detail personally made me very happy.

When I saw him swiftly adapting, recognizing functions, and how happy and fast he was on taking this new tool, I couldn’t have been happier.

The language, the interface, the display, the functions, everything was so easy to follow for him, he was then helping out the staff members that were new. Members that also adapted very fast.

Get your copy of the Reservation Master right here, and you’ll soon be able to manage all your hotel bookings, discounts, and customers without a problem, all in one easy place!

Long term benefits

First, the license comes with the option of backing your information in the cloud, the Reservation Master’s cloud, but also, we are able to export our data and make our own back-ups in our own cloud whenever we want.


So, if one day we see the need to use other software. We would only expect it to be as easy to use and friendly with data from other software as the Reservation Master is.

Because we can easily see everything in advanced, and also as the big picture. Then, it is simple for us to plan ahead, know how to manage promotions and groups, and that produces good results for us, but also for the people who do business with us.

And being able to send the invoices as PDF has helped us a lot, since we have people from all over the country, and the world, coming in, then we can manage to keep them happy as well, send corrections, and make everything instantaneously.

Keep your guests and customers happy

Because of the multiple options, we have been able to automatize and customize almost all of our processes and the CRM, allowing us to keep track of:

  • Especial pricing or offers
  • Customer behavior
  • Behaviors of occupancy for low season
  • Accurate income

With this information, our customer service has greatly improved from the beginning. The moment a guest walks into the lobby, our staff can rapidly help them, and in less than 5 minutes they are walking to their rooms.

When we have groups, it takes also very little time, so people are not dying in the lobby.

We have been able to follow up on previous visits, collect information for targeted marketing, and actually have a good return of investment. All with one piece of software.

Why does it work?

The actual idea behind the Reservation Master is pretty simple, that is why it works. The design is so clean and simple to use, to the point and clear in language and function, there are no surprises.

Newbies and experts, tech-savvy or not, as long as they know what the business is about, can use it as soon as they run the software.

It works because everything has a place, and there is a place for everything, so nothing gets annoyingly mixed, or things don’t become impossible to find.

Because it offers multiple functions that could work across different departments, but allows you to block functions and access accordingly so that some people can only see, some people can edit, etc. So you always know who is doing what.

It works because you can export the data, import it into other platforms or software, and make the most out of it.

Because it is affordable, and with its manual and the volume of operations, you can ensure a great return of investment.

Is this for me?

As mentioned before in the review, there are other options out there, and I do encourage people to read other reviews to make up their mind, but, I would advise you to buy the Reservation Master if:

  • You want something easily customizable
  • You need software easy to follow and master
  • Your front office processes are taking a lot of time
  • You are paying more than this software’s price in CRM, booking software, and inventory management software.
  • You don’t want to go on eternal training

Then, by all means, do yourself, your staff, and your clients a favor and try this amazing tool.

Remember, there is a 60 days trial period, during which your information still gets captured, stored, and can be exported in the end if you decide not to buy, and you can easily import it to your new software

Although I am sure you will not turn back.

On other software

There are several options out there and, hey, I am not going to talk bad about any one of them, since I haven’t tried many to be able to say much, but, if you find something that works great for you, your business and your wallet, then why not tell others.

In the search for the perfect fit, we might be facing various expenses and waste time in moving our info back and forth.

This is why we decided to try and stick to the Reservation Master and we are very happy.

The processes, the pricing, the usage, everything is honest, not a scam, straight forward, easy to manage and follow.

It works, it does what it promises, and it looks nice on the screen (important for me, OK?)

Final thoughts

Man in front of a chess board

As serious business owners, we are always aiming to improve our business and service. To become better and make our customers happy.

For some of us, this is so important and imperative in our lives that we can invest so much of our personal time on micromanaging everything and doing things “right”.

In the beginning, of course, it is appropriate that you are there, setting up all the processes and standard procedures from the beginning, but after that, if you keep yourself tied to your business, you will never fully enjoy everything that being an entrepreneur has to offer.

With tools like the Reservation Master you can actually start aiming to have:

  • Better relations with partners
  • Better communication with staff
  • Better client service
  • Better information wherever you are
  • Better planning

Road Map

Maybe then you can have time to open your second branch, or if you already have some branches, you can then aim to go bigger.

Software is supposed to work for us not the other way around, and this tool delivers that and so much more.

One thing that I personally appreciate everything in life is when it delivers what it said it will deliver, and there is not much going around this.

The process is simple. After you buy the software, you will get an email with the link to download the software and the manual, so then:

  • Download the software and manual
  • Install it on your computer
  • Register for the 60 days’ trial
  • Go through the manual and practice the common operations
  • Enjoy

Hope this review was useful.

Get the Reservation Master today, and see how you can manage all your reservations, hotel rooms, and guests all in one easy to use system!



Reservation Master Review: How Can It Help Your Hotel Chain Operate?
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  1. I got into the website and started reading it. I am extremely happy cause i learned about the extra functions.After getting familiar with the software, the time came to try the other features. First, i went with its inventory function.With this information, our customer service has greatly improved from the beginning.
    As serious business owners, we are always aiming to improve our business and service. To become better and make or customers happy.thanks to you for helping us by giving this review.

  2. I desperately needed something for reservations at my restaurant. Since I renovated it into a “bistro” I have gotten 4x more customers. Which is why I needed something that could help me with my work load to book reservation. Thankfully I came across this that led me to get more customers better service.

  3. Stephen Granger

    If you do not want your hotel management to go somewhat like hotel Transylvania, Just switch to this one guys. Awesome thing to have on hand!

  4. I took over my dad’s hotel and it was using the old school register and books to keep a track of its customers. I’m not very smart with computers either to make a full computer-operated system. So, I just looked for it on the internet and all other software were expensive and didn’t even give a trail, except this one. I bought it in, tried it a bit, read on their website and tried a little more. Our customer service is not great and completely computerized. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.

  5. Catherine G. Jenkins

    I do not think there is a person with his right mind will ignore a system of this kind. It is one of those guides that you buy and start asking why you didn’t know about it some years ago. I love how simple and straightforward the author presents the ideas in this guide. The truth is that this is works and so fast.

  6. There is nothing more clear and straightforward than this guide. I have used several guides but i have never come across one that is so clear. The author clearly explains exactly what you should do to work out well in every step of your work.

  7. It will be handy in keeping track of your venture and help you be able to satisfy hence retain more customers.

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