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RegServe Review: Speed Up Your Computer & Increase Stability

There’s a famous quote from Albert Einstein, “computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings, on the other hand, are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant – but together, they are powerful beyond imagination”.

With that said, how’s your relationship with your computer? Is it behaving stubbornly? Or is it making you wait between giving outputs? Anyhow, these are cases where we get really frustrated. We need an output and we need it fast, though, our stubborn PC makes us wait and wait to test our patience.

frustrated with computer's performance

Computers are designed to make our complex tasks a lot easier. However, it’s THE SAME computers that make our jobs complicated with lags and lack of responsiveness. In such cases, you need a fix and it has to work faster.

We have tried many software’s which offered to fix this situation, though, none worked as we expect. So where to find a software that would work? Well, before you look to find a solution, you need to understand what the problem is.

You should know what makes your computer slow, and you need to have an idea on how to fix it. In most cases, the fallacious computer registry is the main culprit behind your computers slow performance.

What is computer registry?

Computer registry refers to the database of tens-of-thousands of files that are accessed by your computer to perform a various array of procedures. Millions of requests are made to your computer registry, hence, it’s important that you maintain your computer registry time-to-time.

Be that as it may, managing computer registry is a preposterous task even for an advanced user. Even the slightest of mistakes or errors made on registries can lead to crashing of your computer. Therefore, it’s a task that needs to be handled carefully


PC crashing

We need a software to optimise and fix our computers registry. Though it doesn’t fix any of our concerns – antivirus is the first thing that we rely on when it comes to PC performance. But, an antivirus is out of the questions since it doesn’t give a convincing answer.

You need a software that is designed specifically to repair any registry errors. A software that’ll scan and fix your registry files automatically. And if you’re looking for one such software, you are one step closer to getting your hands on it.

In here, I’ll introduce you to one such software which has got great reviews from its users around the world. With millions of copies sold globally, it has already made its point clear and it is here to stay.


It’s an application which holds the solution for all your concerns. RegServe will automatically scan your PC for any missing, fallacious, or partially deleted registries – and it will correct any errors automatically. Every action is done automatically, hence, you don’t require any technical knowledge.

Combined with defragmenter and a startup manager, the application will enhance your computer perform better than ever before. It boosts your computer speed, increases health and stability, and will also prevent errors and crashes while giving you a smoother and hassle-free experience.


What does this application offer?

Increases health and stability

This is what makes RegServe truly stand out from other software’s out there. It will do registry scans and system maintenance automatically, and you don’t need to schedule any of these actions. The application will scan for registry errors itself and does the repairs for any fallacious registry entries automatically.

This, in turn, will increase your computer’s health and it keeps your PC stable at all times. No need to worry about your computer being stubborn anymore.

Boost computer speed

RegServe boosts your computer speed by performing certain actions. The actions include eliminating registry errors – where it will repair the fallacious registry. Optimizing hard drive, where it defragments the files in hard drive and fixes any errors.

And last, the software will also allow you to manage your startup – so that you’ll be able to choose the programs to be opened while you log in to your computer. All these actions are meant to increase your computers speed, and this software does just that.

Prevent errors and crashes

With time, every PC shows the symptoms of aging. However, think about it! It isn’t possible for a PC to age if you do proper maintenance. Aging symptoms may include lack of speed and responsiveness which we could fix easily.

By eliminating registry errors and optimising your computer registry, this software will prevent your computer from dreaded symptoms of an aging PC. You no longer have to buy a new computer each time, this software will fix all the issues with your computer performance.

Detects and fixes registry errors

The true purpose of this software is to fix any issues related to your registry errors. RegServe will detect any registry errors automatically and take actions on its own. It eliminates all the errors impacting your PCs performance.

Above are only a glimpse of things that the software has to offer. If you’re still having trouble to make up your mind, let’s take a look at the software features that’d help you change your decision.


Features worth mentioning

Advanced registry scan

The software scans 15 areas of your computer registry to find any errors that are affecting your PCs performance. It searches for invalid, fallacious, and incomplete registry entries with its comprehensive registry scan.

Registry Derangementing

By managing the overall size of your registry, the defrag process will increase your computer speed dramatically. Defragmenting will also free up resources by managing how the requests are made.

Schedule automatic scans

By enabling this feature, you’ll be able to choose and set when to run a scan on your PC. All you have to do is – set a desired setting and frequency, and the software will do it automatically as you prefer. This is more convenient compared with any other software’s out there.

Shows detailed scan results

Followed by the registry scan, the software will display the results in detail. You’ll be able to see what the issue was and RegServe will ask your permission to take action. This will give you a chance to overlook at the repairs that the software has to make.

man frustrated with computer

A built-in ignore list

This feature will give you more compatibility with third-party applications. You can choose which applications to be ignored while running a scan, and this will prevent any possible conflicts from happening. Once it is set to ignore list, you don’t need to repeat it again for future scans. This feature will also ignore the programs that you have deselected while doing a registry scan.

Backup and restore

After each successful registry repair, the software will do a backup of the previous registry settings. Using this feature, you’ll be able to restore your computer to a previous setting if desired.

Windows startup manager

The application that launches during PC startup slows down the load time each time you log in.  Windows startup manager will help you manage the startup applications from launching. This will increase your PCs load time.

Use custom settings

This is another feature that no other software’s could replicate. The software gives full flexibility to its users. You’ll be able to make changes to the settings as you prefer, so, you can choose how the software operates on your PC.


Concerned about encountering issues? You don’t have anything to worry when you choose RegServe. The technicians are available 24*7, and you’ll get the assistance you need at the right times as you need. They are happy to help, and you could get the answers regarding any queries you make

Program updates

The software uses a plug-in framework which will give you the latest software updates as it comes out. Therefore, It’ll auto-update when you open the application.

Still having trouble making that decision? Here are some bonuses that would make you rethink;

  • Xippit file compression utility; it is a utility program which will help you convert your files into the .xip format. This enables you to change any file size and put a password to secure the file from spying eyes.

fixing your slow computer


  • Automatically scans your computer for corrupt or damaged registry entries.
  • Increases your computer speed.
  • Prevent crashes and maintains your computer’s health.
  • Restores your computer performance in five minutes.


  • Need an internet connection for live updates.


computer being slow at work

I don’t need to tell you how frustrating it is to have a slow PC. It prevents us from being productive and it could even mess up our job if you don’t take quick action. I have been facing registry issues with my computer and I wasn’t aware of it.

I didn’t know what to do with my registry, all I could do was buy a new PC for my needs. That’s when I noticed my friend using the same PC for a long time, and that made me curious. His computer responds faster, and on the other hand, I was surprised to know that his computer was having lower specifications than mine.

He was using RegServe for months, and all I could do was blame myself for not finding it earlier. It’s a software with thousands of great reviews online (of course, one review is mine), and that made my decision easier. I’d totally recommend you buy it.

Speed up your computer, and clean up the registry today – click here to get RegServe!

RegServe Review: Speed Up Your Computer & Increase Stability
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  1. This software program can be used by just about anyone, however it is recommended that before you install it, it must be scanned and verified by an anti-virus software. After it has been installed and set-up completely the program creates an auto-start registry that makes it to run on your computer windows.

  2. Tessie Brunet

    Regserve is a software program that has been designed by Xionix for the sole purpose of computer optimization. This program is designed to be compatible with so many windows such as windows seven, xp and windows vistas.
    The most used version of RegServe is7.1.4.0, according to its statistics 98% of the installations of RegServe use this version.

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