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CurationSoft Review: Discover the Right Type of Content For Google

CurationSoft Review


When I started as a community manager, 5 years ago, I didn’t know anything about SEO, generating content, etc. My friend gave me the chance, I took it, and learned on the go.

As I started getting better and better, reading, getting accreditations, etc. I became more aware of the need to generate, or get, content that was useful for your purpose. In my case, generating shares on social media.

After some years, I decided to start my own company that handled digital marketing for our clients, and helped them, especially, with SEO and notability issues.

There is a bunch of people that say they know about this, but they have never opened google tools, etc.

Because I was very proud on the content I was supposed to publish, at the beginning I was very careful with what we created and how we created it. Original content was my goal, a noble one, but also unsustainable.

There is no need to drive yourself, or your employees, to madness trying to deliver original content for many clients. No need to rediscover the wheel, rather work with whatever is already out there, being noticed and giving good results.

Bringing new talent


I started with community management when the boom started. As things were getting released and updated, I could learn the new systems almost in real time. So I was familiar with previous and current processes.

When I opened my agency, I noticed how the kids that came in, although they were very talented, they still struggled a lot to make decisions that went viral when it came to generating content.

Out of 20 people that have worked with me in the last 5 years, maybe only 2, very smart people, knew how to immediately identify content, and even adapt it to our websites, respecting copyright, to get better results.

One of my interns advised me on hiring a curation software that also managed directly into social networks. I decided to give it a shot, regardless of my skepticism.

Things I found out


My intern suggested a very specific tool, I researched a little about it and decided to try.

This piece of software actually gathered information from the internet that has already proven to be of interest. This was new.

I trusted a lot in the algorhythms, so I didn’t question anything and decided to let things go.

One day, a client called me, asking about the material shared on his fan page. When I checked it out, I noticed a post that was completely no SEO friendly, or shareable.

I immediately started going through the results of their curation process, reading some posts. Most of them were similar to the one in our client’s page. I was so angry, but I had allowed my interns to fully trust the software.

We took so many hours fixing mistakes, and going back to the old way. It was so frustrating.

In a dinner with other business owners, I vented about this situation with my friends, and one of them explained how, although this type of software is good, one needs to actually keep curating, etc.

He was making sense, but I still hated the idea. By the end of his explanation, he mentioned examples of good curation software and he mentioned CurationSoft.

My experience with similar software

As mentioned before in the review, I had tried other platforms that offered curating content. They were useful, they did make a difference, but either the content was unconvincing, or the amount of results was so little, we didn’t even have much option.

I remember buying a subscription to a website that had a bunch of people curating content and you would get those results once a week. So, sometimes the content was not so relevant, or other blogs were ahead of us.

In the end of the day, I want my investment to add peace of mind and make things easier.


I remembered the first name my friend mentioned, got home, started googling. I loved the website.

I read the information, and thought it was reasonable, and it came with a good recommendation, and a money back guarantee, so, why not?

The interface was very easy to adapt to. It is amazing how sophisticated, yet simple, is the use of this tool.

We didn’t have to struggle with hard and boring training sessions, we all were able to instantaneously adapt.

Of course, no one had permission to publish anything until I tried to find content of value.

Well, I did my search, got my results, and was positively surprised. The content I was receiving came from places in the web that generated already famous content on the topics I was looking for. Also, it allowed us to quote the original authors or adapt the information to our website.

Then, it became very easy to start selecting content from an already curated collection, instead of having to pay to curate.

Get your exclusive access to CurationSoft right here, and you’ll finally know exactly how to generate search engine optimized content that makes your blog and website stand out and get great traffic!

Seeing results


The immediate results are

  • Efficient searches
  • Content of value
  • Many results
  • Ability to quote
  • Ability to adapt
  • Copywriting time reduced by more than half

The content we shared started to get the attention we first needed, enough results to get back to, at least, the number of hits we were having before automatizing the processes.

But not also was our content being shared, people were also commenting on them more than before, another humbling lesson.

As one learns concepts of marketing, one wants to follow them and believe that he has found the only way to make digital marketing. However, you never know how you can benefit from the different interactions your posts and content generate. A great thing that I learned.

Because our hits started to increase, we started getting more work, and thigs got better as we were able to invest time in other things and improve them, now that we didn’t have to invest that much time curating.

Finding and using the right content

We all know that one keyword has millions of combinations and therefore, the possibility to match into different topics. However, with CurationSoft, is very easy to find content of your interest, with great value for your website and marketing goals.

With the results obtained, we have been able to create tens of posts a week, that have great hits.

The same platform allows you to take the posts, make them yours, and quote, link back, etc. To the original post if you want, or simply adapt it and make it yours, passing all copyrights issues.

As you start finding more and more interesting content, you can plan better, keep networks more active, and benefit from trends others are following.

SEO benefits


When it came to blogs and websites, we started to solve an issue in which we were to give up. As you know, the content in your website gets analyzed by Google and it rates the readability, language, etc. Well, we were struggling with catching up with the updates that came so often.

With the content curated by CurationSoft, we have a great ally to raise above the challenge. Our pages were getting better identified and started going up on rank.

The topics addressed, and the links obtained with this software, also contributed a lot.

So, some of our websites went from being in danger of not listing, to being accepted again, and ranked high. We also used WordPress add-ons to SEO check the posts, and we found good results.

Save your time


As we didn’t have to invest hours researching or looking for perfect posts, we were able to invest time in other useful tasks that could help us getting even more hits.

The numbers started to increase, the time decreased, and we didn’t have any copyright issues, which provided us with everlasting piece of mind.

We were then sure that our content provided value to the visitors of our clients’ websites, without violating any laws. This was the curator we needed.


Because of having access to such a powerful tool, our results started to improve and clients were happy, which meant more business and with more business the workload, of course, increased.

However, we already had, at least, one valuable, but time consuming process, automatized, and giving great results.

For me, it is important that, whatever I say I’ll do, I do and deliver. If I tell my client they will get 2 valuable posts a week, they will get them, especially after using CurationSoft.

It’s so good, you can share similar content in different sites, without it being comparably similar. It’s really a life saver.

And so, we were able to deliver better in all other activities since we had more time.

How does it work?

After you buy access to the platform, you can immediately start getting great results.

  • Go to the search bar
  • Type in your keywords
  • Get links and previews to good posts
  • Choose those you like

I have always been happy with the results obtained. Not only are they good in content, but you get a lot of options, so you have a broader choice.

Then, you can choose to share the content as it is, adapt it to your blog, or whatever you need.

The same program lets you quote, link back, ping, etc. So you don’t have to go through all the problem and expanding your network becomes easier and nicer.

Why does it work?

The team behind CuratioSoft designed an amazing tool that collects useful information from the web, that is SEO friendly and offers guaranteed hits.

The algorhythms respond to Google, so all the SEO work get basically done by the program itself and you just have to pick and choose whichever content you find useful.

Not only are things SEO optimized, but also the content is interesting and they are proven hits online.

It works because it’s very easy to use, easy to follow, and anyone can learn to use it, even I.

Is this for me?

Bringing in tools that curate software, can be heaven, especially when you have other priorities or your work volume is a little high and you don’t want to invest much time on this.

This software may not be for you if:

  • You prefer micromanaging
  • Prefer to handpick posts
  • Are an SEO expert
  • Prefer completely original content

If you fall in these categories, then I might consider other options. However, as I learned from the kids working with me, automatizing processes is actually good. Yes, we need to be there to actually press the trigger, but we are not researching heavily, going through pages and pages of the same content. Rather, get a final result and decide if you like it or not.

If you are looking to grow in other areas, then this is extremely helpful, if you don’t want to sacrifice quality, but also you don’t have the time to visit so many websites a day, then you have found a great aid.

Making the decision

Straight from the start, get into the free trial, as simple as that. Try it, play with it, give it a go and see what results you get and how you can benefit from them.

Try every option, go crazy, generate content, publish it, and see how many hits it gets, and how much time you will save. So you’ll get similar results, putting less effort in content, and maybe more in marketing, or lay outs, whatever you choose.

Each keyword returns great results, so you can work with them and maybe even generate 3 posts derived from only 1.

When you are ready to buy a subscription, choose the plan that works better for you, start delivering better results, and getting more visibility.

Noticeable ads

The last thing worth mentioning is that, because it is SEO friendly, and it delivers material that will be recognized as high value and indexed in the google searches. If you apply your material to your website, and run a Google  Ads campaign, it will be easier to get your campaign accepted and see results faster.

The phrasing, the distribution of information, everything is designed to be noticed by the SEO algorhythms and be noticed.

This leads to a higher return of investment, and seeing more hits in the reports you might have to present your clients (if you do at all).

Life post CurationSoft

After implementing the platform in our daily lives, we have been able to focus on things. My employees and I want to focus more on the marketing side of things, rather than in writing. So, now, because we are only exposed to highly impactful material, we have been able to identify material that will give us better marketing.

We have been experimenting with modification of text. Since we get great content and topics already, we can just play around to see which phrasing, which presentation, actually gives us the results we want for each client.

Since we have been able to focus on marketing, we have been creating higher ROI to our clients. So, everybody is happy.

Final thoughts


It is undeniable that computers and artificial intelligence will be taking over many processes in the upcoming years, as they have already done with some.

As technology evolves, it is important to actually embrace it and learn how to work with it.

When my intern suggested hiring a curation software, I was so skeptical, I though that could even be a scam. As I was exposed to them and saw their potential, I saw how one of my own skills got automatically replaced, and I knew I need to accept it and work with it.

When it comes to detailed things, the human hand might always be better, but we haven’t compromised quality, nor results, by allowing a piece of software to help us with our tasks.

I wouldn’t renounce to the freedom of choice, and time, that we get since we subscribed to CurationSoft.

Great results, great return of investment.

Hopefully this review was useful. Best of luck.

Find the right content for your blog or website today by clicking this link to get CurationSoft today!

CurationSoft Review: Discover the Right Type of Content For Google
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  1. Faced exactly the same problems. Was nice reading and seeing I wasn’t the only one facing these issues. Can you maybe do an update on it after using the software for a while? Anyone uses Curationsoft and you have some other tips?

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  3. Joann Michael

    We are leaving in a world where content is very key since most people and businesses have now an online presence. I am hopeful that this goes in hand when it comes to sharpening the skills at hand.

  4. Henry Kaufman

    This tool actually made my internet content building work extremely easy. Now, I do not have to sit around for hours anymore!

  5. Fast and efficient. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on the Curationsoft, and I got intrigued. Because I wanted to make my online business grow, I got it, and I am amazed. Online businesses are the future, and now we have the tools to make that future bright.

  6. Morgan McGinnis

    There is so good to know about this program and works for me. I cannot complain because it has helped me and i like the way it is.

  7. The program is simple to use. You can search by keyword, choose your content, drag and drop, add your commentary and post. Results will be generated for you lightning fast and you will find it is actually captivating to use the program. Stop dreading everyday sharing and posting.

  8. Charles Bailey

    Plan Awesome Content. Save A Bunch Of Time. I am really time poor so this feature helps keep me on top of content posting. I’ve also been enjoying their emails as it’s clear they are excited about developing their product even further.

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