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Perfect Uninstaller Review: Does Uninstalling Have To Take A Long Time?

We’ve all been there. You download a program and test it out. In the first 5 minutes, it reveals its true colors and you’re astonished by how it is absolutely nothing like the advertisement. With every click, you come across an advertisement for something you would never buy. You can’t figure out how to work it.

Or someone borrows your laptop and when you get it back there is a weird program or continuous loop of error messages. You try to investigate and you can’t find the source of all the annoyance. Or worse… You try to run the program and it is useless.

Immediately, you’re repulsed and when you try to close it you can’t find the button. After another frustration 5 minutes, you finally find the exit button. The monster program has the nerve to graciously ask you if you really want to quit!

This is just the beginning of your problems. There is no way you will be opening that program again. So you gladly try to uninstall it. Only problem is it just won’t leave.

Many people have offhandedly described uninstallers as programs for the lazy people who don’t know how to uninstall programs properly. Maybe that is true. But even the biggest skeptic I know agrees with this review that Perfect Uninstaller comes pretty close to being perfect.

Perfect Uninstaller

This program has been around since 2008. With sixteen updates since its inception, they have managed to do what they intended with the software. This has allowed it to collect 23 awards according to their website. It is compatible with the Windows operating systems.

It was developed by Nanning Qiwang Computer Co., Ltd. You have the option to use the free trial. You can also buy full license package which includes 60 days money back guarantee and a lifetime program upgrade license.


You probably expected a simple uninstaller but Perfect Uninstaller has a range of features which include:

  • Effectively and easily removes programs that Windows Add/Remove applet fails to uninstall. This includes software such as Adobe Reader, AVG, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, McAfee, Norton and much more difficult to uninstall programs.
  • Completely clean the empty or corrupted registry entries that can be sometimes left behind when programs are uninstalled. This will clear out your registry from corrupted or empty errors that interfere with the smooth running of your computer.
  • Forcibly uninstall any corrupted programs. Because sometimes the program’s uninstall features fail to perform or they run with errors you can’t uninstall completely.
  • Forcibly display and uninstall hidden programs that are in your computer. There are some troublesome programs that could be running on your computer and causing you problems. Perfect Uninstaller will bring these to your attention and easily remove them.
  • Much faster than Add/Remove applet. No one wants to waste minutes on a program that is already slowing your progress down and eating into your valuable time. Not only will it find the program fast but it will quickly scan for the details of the program.
  • Restore Registry. This gives you the option to restore the registry from the recycle bin where it was moved to.
  • Simple and detailed interface. You have the option to view programs before uninstalling as icons, list or in detail. Furthermore, your uninstall options range from Uninstall, and Force Uninstall.
  • System Manager. Backup registry in order to restore system easily when your Windows version crashes. Three ways are available to restore the system. Start Manger lets you easily administer which program is launched at the system startup. You can enable, disable or remove the program that could run at the system startup within the two separate lists, Startup List and Restore List. The applications that currently run at the startup are listed in Startup List while Restore List centrally manages a list of the previously disabled applications.

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The program is relatively small. When installed you can actually manage your web browser plugins, not just software directly installed in Windows Programs and Features. As mentioned above, the program has two uninstall features. This allows you to get rid of those programs that give you the “you do not have the permission to install this software” pop-up message.

Perfect Uninstaller to perfectly manage your computer.

While it is primarily for removal, it offers the ability to restore and backup files. This is a bonus to the manager for the startup applications. Furthermore, this program also has an active task manager. It is designed to show you the path of every process that runs on your system. It also deserves extra points because it can also stop multiple processes at once.


It runs pretty smooth but that would depend on the processing power of your computer. Once you start you can decide on what type of interface you’re comfortable with. This can be done by right-clicking your mouse. Again, the options are icons, list or details. Your toolbar holds your options for Uninstall, Force Uninstall, System Manager, Processes and Register.

Just a quick review of the options:

Uninstall – This is the option you take if you want to simply uninstall any of the programs presented in the window below the toolbar. When you click it, you’ll get a summary of the program. Next, it tells you what it’s about to do in three steps. Once it has permission the process begins. After phase one, it asks to remove residual files. You will be asked to register at this point if this is your first use. The process takes less than 3 minutes.

Force Uninstall – There are still those really stubborn programs that refuse to leave. That is why Perfect Uninstaller has this option. It uses extra force to remove those stubborn applications once and for all. I tried it on a couple of my own and now they’re a distant terrible memory.

System manager – Here you get the chance to backup your registry, or restore in case your system crashes. You also get access to the Startup Manager which allows you to enable or disable applications that are executed at Windows startup. Lastly, you have the 1-Click Repair which allows you to restore icons on the start Menu that randomly disappear.

Processes – This is your task manager allowing you to end processes. Like I mentioned before, it has the excellent ability to even end processes that aren’t just installed Windows Programs but also web browser plug-ins.

Refresh – You will always have an up-to-date report of what is going on with your computer thanks to this.

Register – This is the button that will bring you to a licensing screen for unlocking the program’s complete licensed functionality.

What’s to love?

Now that we’ve gone over the program, this is what I absolutely loved about it:

  1. It’s really light.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Ability to pick up what is left behind and hidden.
  4. Does its processes quite fast.
  5. Backup and restoration feature is very useful.
  6. Task manager shows you process location and shuts down multiple processes at once.

Areas it needs to improve?

Though it is so near to perfection, individuals might have these issues with it:

  1. It lacks the ability to create restore points on start up in case something goes wrong during clean up.
  2. It doesn’t have more preferences and options to modify.
  3. Doesn’t come with uninstallation scheduling.
  4. For system administrators, it doesn’t offer remote installation management.


To answer all the questions that have probably driven you here, Perfect Uninstaller is pretty perfect. It is an easy answer to those pesky programs that you have been having trouble dealing with.

It would have probably been a good uninstalling program if it simply stuck to the ability to uninstall fast and as a bonus, it found the hidden files that would eventually cause issues with your computer. But the developers went above and beyond with it.

The added features such as the system manager that and the processes function which acts as a more efficient task manager, make this the perfect software. Not only are you able to manage your computer fully but you are now able to make sure it continues to run fast.

If for whatever reason you do not like the program or you are having problems with it, you can rest assured you will not need another uninstaller program to get rid of it. You can simply use the Add/Remove applet. And on top of that, Perfect Uninstaller has a Software Submission section to assist you on. Free of charge they will analyze the issue and they will get back to you in 48hours.

I recommend this software for anyone who has a problem with a slow working computer. If you can’t possibly understand what is still causing your machine to run at snail pace even though you have uninstalled all the heavy programs, this is for you.

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Perfect Uninstaller Review: Does Uninstalling Have To Take A Long Time?
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  1. After reading this review I decided to try this program and the results were OMFG amazing! this has been the best solution to uninstall malwares of junk softwares without adding another virus

  2. This tool is a necessary addition in a computer maintenance toolkit. This software is especially essential for people like me who keep on downloading softwares every now and then. Very often, I download programs and forget to keep track of the downloaded softwares. Some of them have been scanned as dangerous viruses and treats. I decided to try the toolkit when my computer crashed due to these unwanted softwares.

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    I believe this is one reliable software which every professional IT or any civilian, can use in their home or work.

  4. How stupid is the fact that sometimes it is harder to uninstall the program than the other way round? Especially for a person that is not a great computer geek (aka me). This guide is amazing. And simple! Just what I needed.

  5. Edna R. Mayer

    When I read this article I thought I must give it a try and to my utmost surprise it was awesome. Thank you so much.

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    I’m truly thrilled how fast this program works! Surely saves me a good deal of time and frustration, uninstalling unwanted software.

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    Ladies we are known for not knowing these things for sure. So when we get a post that helps us do things, it is always much appreciated. I am hoping that I learn and also pass the knowledge to the ladies around me.

  10. Maggie Frampton

    It provides you with a list of applications that are considered “special” to uninstall. It includes a special uninstall process for each of these applications.

  11. Whenever it takes a long time to uninstall softwares, it becomes such a nuisance when you have a lot on your plate in such a short amount of time. So in order to be efficient and time-saving, I decided to have this accompany me for work. It’s a great help!

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