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LoL Builder Review: How To Start Growing Your League Of Legends Skill?

Tired of Long Unfruitful Hours?

All of us have been in the stage where we grind for hours to get those little gains but to no fruit?

Want a LoL Builder?

Unsure about what to buy?

Let me introduce you to Trinity Force.

Dying in the game doesn’t cost anything except a few seconds. But a few seconds out of the game kills your chances to level up your champion quicker besides taking a toll on your self-confidence and if your playing with your friends, God save your soul tomorrow at school.

What Should You Do

If you are here because you are stuck in bronze or silver among the other 6 million players in the same league, you probably haven’t met you perfect champion yet.

Or you are just a beginner.

Or probably you are an expert and just haven’t had any luck so far.

If you fit in any of the above categories then all you need is our LoL Builder’s Trinity Force.

But before I tell you anything about it, let’s understand the game first.

LoL or League of Legends is a team oriented strategic game where the main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy Nexus located in the middle of their base before the Enemy destroys yours. But well, it’s easier said than done. It sounds very easy but to get to there isn’t. There’s a lot more to the game.

Let’s Walk You Through the Basics


You start by selecting one champion from a list of many. For a start, you could play in Co-op Vs. AI mode and test your abilities in different difficulty levels. Don’t be afraid to try a variety of champions and combinations until you find the one that you connect with and then you are ready to fight against the real world where there are a numerous people from different parts of the world, from different races, different set of skills and strategies.


There is a huge variety of Champions fitting into various categories. A few are ranged marksman sniping their targets from safe distances. A few swordsman hitting the opponent walking straight at their faces and then there are wizards casting spells onto the enemy. No matter what champion you choose there’s always going to be one to match your skills and style.

Getting stronger: Levelling Up

You level up in the game by staying in the area when the enemies die. Once you gain enough experience you unlock ability points. Use these ability points to unlock new abilities for your champion. Once you reach level 6 you could unlock your ultimate ability. Your ultimate ability has the strength to change the tide of the game.

Getting Stronger: Buying Items

Items are bought through the shop in your base or when you die and you’re waiting to be respawned. You could buy items with the gold you earned by killing enemies in a match. Killing an enemy champion isn’t easy but it could earn you a big chunk of gold. Your bought items will go straight into your inventory and you could straight away start using their benefits and powers.

Expert Tip: Only the last hit earns you gold. So you want to time your attacks.

Fighting Enemy and Enemy Turrets

A player could take 3 paths through the map. These are the routes to the Enemy base and here’s where all the fighting takes place. They are commonly called as “bot” for bottom, “mid” for “middle” and “top” for, well uh, top. Killing opponents earn you gold, the stronger the opponent the more the gold you will earn. However, while fighting, you need to be aware of your champion stats!

Also keep in mind to be out of range of the turrets or stay behind your minions. Even a slight glance at the turret’s attack strength could make the mightiest champions smell like ash.

Level Up Faster

Now you don’t want to end up like most players do unknown and left in the lowest of the leagues. So here’s what we have for you, the ultimate guide through the game

If You’re Tired Of Constantly Playing At The Same Low Levels With The Same Players, Click This Link To Get LoL Builder Today And Change Those Levels!

But What Does LoL Builder’s Trinity Force do for You

There’s a lot more to the game than you just read about or already know. The LoL Builder’s gives you the ultimate guide to the game with an in-game access. The entire LoL community already know there is a lot more than just getting yourself involved in a head to head fight in one of the three lanes. And that’s what LoL Builders gives you.

  • Champion specific statistics (Win/Lose Percentage)
  • Most Common and Most Uncommon Campions
  • Mastering a Champion
  • What abilities you need to unlock first and what abilities to don’t need for a very long time.
  • Pre-Game Strategy
  • In-Game Strategy
  • Team and Solo Strategies

There’s no way to level up faster without cheating! If you are thinking this then you haven’t heard of our LoL Builder yet. Unlike all other products and manuals and builders you have bought so far, Trinity Force works. If you don’t believe me then check out the results yourself! The users have reached from Bronze or Silver to Diamond in just 60 Days.

What is Trinity Force?

Trinity Force - The Best LoL Builder
Trinity Force – The Best LoL Builder

The package consists of a desktop app that gives you the best player builds to you right into your game, a short training manual that would give you a heard start by giving you all the information you need to give you a heard start in the game and make you win more. Now you don’t need to switch apps and google every time you want to get a skill unlocked or buy an item.

Also you get an access to specialised champion reports to make sure you’re playing with the most powerful champion’s patch.

What does the App do

1. Automatic Updates

You don’t need to worry about the build going old over the week or the month. The app constantly scans the in-game data for you and gets hourly updates for you inside the game.

2. All Champions Included

The app gives you 16 builds for every existing champion. If you want to select a new champion, then go ahead the app will get the best 16 builds for the new champions in the first few hours of release itself.

3. In-Game Access

This feature gives you a look at the things you need onto consider before jumping into the game.

4. Makes You Win More

Of course if you spend lesser time at the shop wondering what to buy than playing the actual game you aren’t going to win much. But that’s what the builder does, the app guarantees to increase the chances of you winning a match than the leaving you wonder what to buy at the shop. Remember, you are a part of a greater community than a kid in a candy shop.

Training Manual

If you want to be a champion ask a champion how to become one. But how many champion will reveal their nasty secrets. But that’s what the manual does and at your pace of learning. The Diamond Player Handbook is an instructional course that aims at improving your decisions inside the game. Besides, the Instructions Manual also includes training drills for you to learn from and increase your skill level.

What Does the Training Manual Include?

  • In-Game Setup

According to a few surveys a lot of people loose their battles just because they couldn’t reaction time. Al pros know the hotkeys and have understood the interface perfectly. This part configures that for you.

  • What Objectives & When?

In a battle, it would be great if a pro could tell you the right time to get a tower or probably if someone could tell you to dragon or to baron. This part of the manual is your pro friend that is always available and right by your side

  • Pre-Game Strategy

If you could know how to climb the ladder faster even before the game starts, wouldn’t that be a dream come true!

  • In-Game Strategy

Sometimes some defences aren’t worth defending even though it seems to be a bad idea to let a turret get demolished. This part of the manual will tells you when is it okay to let go of a lane gracefully, than trying to hold on to it. Giving you peace of mind and letting you know what is right even if your entire team disagrees.

  • Team Fight Strategy

Knowing your chances of winning a team fight while considering your cool down availability is one thing that assures your victory or whether the fight is worth the effort. Be it 3v5 or 5v5, a single fight gone bad could bring down the entire team spirit.

  • Mastering a Champion

This part of the manual tell you exactly what real champions do to become a champion.

Weekly Updates

Pave your way up to the world Champions with weekly updates.

Old data could be misleading and could result in giving you misinformation. Anyways, who cares about the player who won the most during the last patch or over a year ago, what is now, is all that matters in an always developing game.

All that matters is right now.

Now unlike most apps, in Trinity Force weekly updates doesn’t mean adding the current data and some useless old data.  Here updates are the key feature and all the update is from the previous week and in real time.

Of course, such frequent updates mean giving the upper hand in in the game and providing you information about what is relevant for the current patch. More reliable and latest updates mean you getting your way through the game.

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LoL Builder Review: How To Start Growing Your League Of Legends Skill?
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