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Cell Phone Resale Review: How Much Is Your Phone Worth To Resell?

Every person has a potential to be a successful entrepreneur. But very few people actually manage to run businesses. This is because either they do not receive the right guidance or they fail to generate right ideas to drive their businesses. 

Most believe that an entrepreneur requires specialized business knowledge to succeed. But what if you receive a ‘perfect’ technique for becoming a successful entrepreneur? Cell phone resale is one such way to earn profits without any hassles.

Have you ever made money with your cell phone?

People buy cell phones mainly used for communications and entertainment. They then discard it when it reaches the end of life or when a malfunction occurs. 

But very few savvy customers realize that buying a cell phone is an investment that can help to earn profits. You can make money by buying a cellphone at a low price and selling it at a higher price.

Cell Phone Resale: an entrepreneurial business model

Business is all about profits and reselling used mobile phones is no different from any other business. There are many online sites where you can advertise for old mobiles and buy popular models. 

You can then sell the same model for a higher price for earning a profit. The eBook has been written by Ross Cohen who himself became successful by this business model.

Cell Phone Resale product site

How did Ross get a headstart?

Ross and his business partner started their venture by buying phones on eBay.  They bought two iPhone 3GS’ that were priced at $350 and $380. Later, the phones got sold $480 and $490. 

A Blackberry Tour that was bought for $160 was sold at $248. One 3G that was bought at $180 was sold at $286.

How did Ross scale-up his business?

Ross’s confidence grew as the sales revenue went up. He and his business partner just spent 30 minutes every day to buy mobiles at lower costs and sell them at a higher price. 

Eventually, the volume increased as they spent quality time in dealing with right customers on Craigslist and social networking sites. They also bought cell phones with cracked screens and managed to strike a plump deal while selling them.

Is it that easy?

However, it seems easy to achieve results but it is very difficult to do so. First of all, you need to find the right marketplace for buying and selling mobile phones. Secondly, you need to what to buy and how to target the right customers.

Tap the potential of an unsaturated market

As mobile technologies evolve, more and more people have begun to use mobile phone services for communications. New models are being introduced every single day and new models are soon getting outdated. 

There were 5 billion mobile users in 2010 and the number is continuing to grow in 2017. There is a huge online market for mobile phones whose potential hasn’t been fully tapped. 

Today, an iPhone 4 is sold at $500 on eBay while it is available for $199 in the stores. This clearly shows that you can make it big by buying and selling phones online.

Understand the worth of used mobile phones

Many people do not understand the value of used mobile phones.  There are customers who want try latest technologies by paying a premium price. 

There are the customers who frequently sell their premium cell phones. On the other hand, there are price-sensitive segments that are willing to buy used mobile phones. 

An expert mobile phone reseller knows the knack of playing the middleman between these two segments. Ross’s proven technique teaches you this knack.

What do I need to get started?

You do not require storefront or start-up costs to enable you to set up your venture. All you need is a strong will to earn money.  It is only your ambition that will enable you to apply the strategies taught in the eBook.

Keep in mind that the eBook does not teach you to work miracles in your life. Instead, it teaches you to fine tune your business sense and moves in the right direction.

Cutting through the clutter

By now, every savvy marketer has become aware of the huge potential of the unsaturated market. This is quite evident due to the large number of advertisements for buying used phones. However, not every marketer is able to make profits.

An effective strategy is required to establish in the market and earn decent profits. Cell phone Resale will show the right technique needed to achieve success.

Can I also sell broken phones?

You can also sell broken phones that can be easily repaired. Many phones have cracked screens, dents, excessive scratches, damaged speakers, faulty buttons, broken battery, broken SIM and a corrupt operating system.

There are many phones that fail to power up. In such cases, owners sell off their phones without caring to repair them. There are plenty of cell phone recycle stores that are willing to pay money for these broken phones.

Why do I need guidance for buying and selling cell phones?

It sounds pretty simple to buy a used cell phone. But one has to be careful while purchasing the phone.

You cannot resale a phone that is still active on a network or that has been reported as stolen or lost. Moreover, you can never sell an iPhone that has ‘Find My iPhone’ application turned on.

You need to make use of free online applications to check whether the phone is lost, stolen or active on the network. Ross’s cell phone reselling guide will help you to address these issues.

The eBook provides detailed guidance

Customer reviews have acknowledged the eBook to be the most detailed guide ever made with regard to cell phone resale business. The author has created a detailed worksheet that lists all available models and their estimated prices.

Knowing the price estimates is important as the price range in which you buy and sell cell phones must be reasonable and justifiable.

How much time do I need to establish my business?

The impressive eBook will help you to with everything except opening a business checking account and tax management. Customers who have followed the eBook have managed to establish their business within a year. It will take at least 6 months to reap the benefits.

Our Products

Following are the products that will thoroughly prepare you to maximize profits by buying and selling cell phones:

Cell Phone Resale™ 50 Page e-Book!

A 50-page e-Book that teaches you the fundamental knowledge for making money with cell phones. All that is required is your desire to learn. Topics will also highlight the benefits of networking and trading, tips & tricks of the trade, and so much more.

Cell Phone Resale™ 10-Video Series!

The 7-10 minute videos in the series will cover each of the topics in depth. These videos will take you a step further and give you more knowledge as compared to the basics discussed in the e-Book.The videos will also talk about the places where you can get the best cell phone deals and the right places to sell cell phones.

Cell Phone Resale™ 60-Day Customer Support!

The author will provide free guidance and mentoring to help you get started. Many buyers may come up with questions or doubts about their entire entrepreneurial venture.  The author is there to guide you and answer your queries. You will get in-depth guidance via email within 36 hours.

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Customers Reviews

Customers have thanked Ross for helping them to set up their cell phone buying and selling venture. Almost all customers have thanked Ross for providing them with the detailed knowledge about the entire process.  Never before had anyone shared in-depth knowledge about cell phone resale business.

How to order?

The products can be ordered online through ClickBank, the global leader in eCommerce. The product bundle is being offered at a discounted price.

Prospective customers who are skeptical about the product can write to Ross by filling an online inquiry form on the product website. You can expect to receive a response within 36 hours.

Cell Phone Resale product site

Special Offer

Now, you can avail a special offer that is available for a limited time period.  You can invite your family and friends to become a cell phone reseller.

You can avail a hefty discount for referring our offer to your associates. It is a great idea to build an entire community that will support each other and earn profits.

More than a promise

Ross and his business partner have managed to strike deals that were much better than the profitable transactions mentioned in the online sales letter.

Their three years of experience have enabled them to motivate other people and even college students. The author not only promises to help you succeed but to also instills an entrepreneurial drive and spirit in you.

Cell Phone Resale product site

100% money-back guarantee

It took Ross 2 years to master the techniques of earning money through cell phone resale. He is confident of his techniques. So the product is available with a 100% money-back guarantee.  

Customers can try the techniques for a period of 60 days. After the trial period is over, they can request a refund if they are not happy with the product. All the refund requests will be processed through ClickBank.

Earnings Disclaimer

The earnings projected on the sales page of the product are rough estimates. Additionally, these estimates differ from person to person.

Every individual has a specific set of skills and hence results will vary from person to person. Income also depends on the amount of time a person devotes to the task. The testimonials and guarantees associated with the product are based on the earnings achieved by an average person.  

So the effectiveness of the program must not be strictly judged by the estimates mentioned.

Become an Affiliate

You can also become an affiliate for the Cell Phone Resale program and earn 75% commission on $37 per sales and $67 backend sales.

If you are confident of generating high quality leads for the product then the affiliate program is for you. You can sign up for the affiliate program on ClickBank and place the affiliate link on your website.

How do I get started as an affiliate?

Affiliates will be provided with a ‘Quick Startup Affiliate Guide’ that will offer tips and techniques to generate passive income on a continual basis. Marketing materials like banners, ‘pay-per-click’ advertisements, negative keywords and eMail marketing.

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Cell Phone Resale Review: How Much Is Your Phone Worth To Resell?
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  1. I need this! I own too many old to new phones and other electronic gadgets. These are still good as new which is why I don’t bother throwing it out. I thought of selling these but don’t have a clue how to do so, I’m glad I stumbled on your review. I’ll check the program!

  2. All my friends were telling me that it’s not a job for a woman. But now it actually IS my full-time job and I have never been happier.

  3. Quinton C. Barden

    I have very many old phones that I do not even use in the house today. I have been thinking on the best way of disposing of them. I am glad that with this article, I now have a complete knowledge on the way forward. I can now carry out an assessment and see the worthiness of the phones in possession.

  4. And when I come to think how many phones I threw away… Now I know what I should do, totally resell everything.

  5. I had a friend that has always been buying and selling phones. But I never thought that it is so profitable! Thanks for opening my eyes.

  6. Kevin Newland

    This article was beneficial to me. I found all the information which I was looking for few months.

  7. I have created a business that has brought me some really good money from the tips i have found in this program. There is so much in this guide that will help you sell whatever is it that you have in your disposal. I also suggested the guide to several of my friends who had some phones to sell and it worked for them. It is easy to use and is a legit program. You will not regret using this guide.

  8. Warren Neely

    I badly needed these pieces of information. I had no idea what to do. But now I know what and how to do. This was really very informative.

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