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Bead Manager Pro Review: How To Sell Beads And Jewelry For Profits

 Historical importance of beads

It is thought that beads were the first items used in human history for decorative purposes.

The oldest bead jewelry is 100000 years old, made of sea snail shells. Moreover, the first item people used for trading are beads. Some scientists even argue that humans have developed language because they traded beads! 

Beaders make jewelry of various materials: bones, stones, shells, wood, glass, plastic, pearl… Beads also carry symbolic meaning and their use transcends mere decorative purpose.

For example, Christians and Muslims often use rosary beads while they pray or carry it as a necklace to show devotion.

In some countries, people still use beads as currency. In country such as Greece, people use komboloi beads as a form of stress releaser or to simply pass time by manipulating it with on or two hands

Different shapes, different types

The most common shape of bead used by beaders is spheral (round). Often times beaders use the combination of round and cubical beads in order to adorn the design of a necklace or bracelet, to make it unique. 

Like most crafted things, beads come in various shapes. This vast variety of shapes, colors, and materials distinguishes beadwork from another jewel making technique. 

A person who crafts or buys bead jewelry does so because beads usually express person’s unique personality. It is more than just a jewelry to them, it is artwork, a jewel-tattoo, and it tells a personal story. 

For example, cubical wooden beads will usually reflect simplicity or humbleness. On the other hand, round vitreous or pearly beads will stack and appear more pleasing to the eye, showcasing order and clearness. 

Unlike shapes, types of beads are determined based on various categories. Some of the categories are based on the material of beads, manufacturing process, cultural origin, time origin, or patterns seen on the surface.

What is beadwork?

Think of it this way: carpentry is the art of making things with wood. Similar to carpentry, beadwork is the art, skill, or technique of making things with beads.

Just as there are various types and shapes of beads, there are various types of techniques used to craft bead jewelry.

  • Bead stringing is probably the oldest way of doing beadwork. Beaders usually make necklaces and bracelets with this technique.
    They add and stack beads to the elastic wire or beading cord. 
    Beaders also choose between more or less flexible cord, depending on the type of jewelry he plans to make.
  • Bead embroidery includes stitching or sewing beadwork into the fabric. This type of beadwork is typical for Native Americans, and they use it to decorate clothes, bags, tapestries…
  • Loom beading is an instrument for texturing beads into the fabric. Beads are arranged into lines and columns to form patterns that can be used for both commercial and artwork purposes.
  • Off-loom beadweaving requires a needle, stretch and a lot of patience and precision. This technique requires steady hand because this type of beadwork uses very small beads. It is used for similar purposes as loom beading, the difference being a needle and a stretch instead of loom beading. 

Of course, these are not the only techniques. A tradition as old as beadwork probably has more than hundreds of different techniques.

Modern day challenges

Human economy has its roots in beads trading, making money of beads is harder than ever. The purpose of this review is to highlight and solve those problems.

Just like any with any other jewel craftsmanship, having a good product doesn’t guarantee the profit. There are a lot of important things in-between production and selling. In today’s world, probably the most important thing is good management

Today, many successful jewelry businesses use software that manages everything for them. In this way they save time, and we all know that time is money.

Moreover, this is the 21st century, which means that the world is more global, and so is the world’s economy. If people want to buy jewelry it is likely they will look for it online, especially if its jewelry made of beads.

Having an up to date pricings, good customer service, and neat and clear catalogs is a must. Furthermore, while you make sure that the quality and price of your products are in check, you need to pay attention to all other tasks that consume most of your time.

For this reason, you need Bead Manager Pro!

What is Bead Manager Pro?

Bead Manager Pro software screenshotBead Manager Pro is a software that every jewelry business needs. Why? It is a program designed for only one purpose: to generate money.

This software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, it runs smoothly, and effortlessly does the job for you. More importantly, it is easy to use, and once you buy it you don’t need to spend your money on anything else. 

Once you have it you can focus your time and energy on things that are important to you. This software will calculate everything, from the best overall prices of every individual product to your taxes (and we all know how boring and frustrating it is to manage your taxes).

This software will calculate everything, from the best overall prices of every individual product to your taxes (and we all know how boring and frustrating it is to manage your taxes).

It will even promote your business. Don’t believe it? Keep reading!

Start Using The Bead Manager Pro Today, And Find Out How You Can Sell Beads And Other Jewelry For Big Profits!

How does this software operate?

This software was engineered on one of the best Filemaker Pro database frameworks. It has features that will save you time and earn you money. Here are some of its features.

  1.  The software will automatically update the status of your inventory. For example, if you make bead necklace the software will calculate the number of beads you used for making that necklace. That way you don’t have to manually count every bead you use.
  2. It will calculate the price for wholesale, retail and direct sales, based on the cost of the production.
  3. The software will precisely document your business records. You will be able to export any data into excel file, at any time.
  4. You can store details in the software about how you make particular jewelry by documenting notes and pictures. That way you can repeat the process, or even make a brand that will distinguish you from the competition.
  5. This software will also manage your invoices. It will track what you sell and whether you sold it directly or on wholesale. It will keep track and filter your orders and you will be able to check any order at any time.

There are many other features this software has, from social media promotion to tax calculations. The list just keeps on going.

But is it good?

There are more than dozens of reviews online that prove that the Bead Manager Pro is the go-to software when it comes to making money of jewelry. This program is all about organization and management. 

You might have the talent and technique to make jewelry but are just unable to sell them.
You can also post images of your jewelry to your Facebook page via this software. And before you even realize it, the orders will start coming and they will never stop.

You also don’t have to be a computer wizard to use the software.

This offer comes with step by step guides designed for new users. And let’s face it; if you are able to make beautiful jewelry, then you will be able to learn the software which will help you sell them and make money off them!

What distinguishes Bead Manager Pro from other similar software?

For starters, its reviews are incredible. Unlike other products and their offers, this offer doesn’t promise rainbows and instant money. To me, this is very important.

It takes a lot of time, effort, energy, and patience to make quality jewelry. The same can be said for this software because it took a lot of everything to make this software just as it is right now. 

It won’t make jewelry for you, but it will sell them, and that is exactly what any jeweler wants: make money and make customers happy. And just as you want to make your customers happy, Bead Manager Pro wants to make you happy.

Its goal is to take the unnecessary pressure off your back. Furthermore, it wants to save you from the constant preoccupation about paperwork or whether you calculated your taxes right. 

Software that runs businesses, online trade, global economy; these things are no longer a distant future. They are here, despite the fact the people refuse to see it,  and you are in the unique position to get a clear and undisputable headstart.

Plus, there are various bonuses included in this offer.

You will get all the upgrades you need for this software, a book that holds selling techniques written by psychologist Dr. David Weiman. You will also get your hands on the compilation of 23 courses that will teach you how to utilize Facebook and make more money using it. 

Stack Up Cash And Build A Second Stream Of Income By Clicking Here To Get The Bead Manager Pro!

Bead Manager Pro Review: How To Sell Beads And Jewelry For Profits
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  1. I was struggling with my start up jewelry store online. I didn’t even think that a software like bead manager could exist. But, it does and it saved my business.
    Ever Grateful!!

  2. I have been an artist from my high school period. Creating jewelry out of beads and combining other forms of decorative items. But as I grew I wanted to start up on my own and see how can I take care of things. Bead Manager Pro has been helping me set up my own niche and earn big. It’s like converting my hobbies into the business.

  3. It is easy to use by anyone it has a step-by-step guide on how to price your jewelry in order to make profits. It gives you an easy time for you to market your business by printing out professional labels and catalogs.

  4. Making extra money is something that I always look forward to for sure. It is always an amazing experience. I am hoping that I will be able to take this business to the next level indeed. Let us do this my good people. Where are my girls???

  5. Denise Million

    It would be great for a starter in jewelry business. It helps you promote your business through social media.

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